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Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Managing Director

As Managing Director for APRC Healthcare, Dr. Ravindra Kumar brings to the company over 10 years of experience in clinical and executive leadership.

He is the founder of the company and started the first rehabilitation centre at the head office itself. The second centre was started within three years and over time the number of facilities has now reached 10.

As an advisor, he utilized his expertise in practicing clinical evaluation to help physical therapy practice owners establish and enhance their skills. Dr. Kumar earned his Master of Physiotherapy in Sports in order to expand his expertise.

His philosophy is:

"It's difficult to witness the deterioration of physical abilities in a parent, grandparent or any other loved one. Many of my patients' caregivers discuss the transitional challenges they experience when the responsibility for their dear one’s health and comfort becomes one of their integral roles. The task can be intensely overwhelming -- both emotionally and financially. Hence, it is our collective responsibility to give the best service to our patients and make the society, at large, active and independent."

NH-15, Gamma-II, Roshan Hospital, Greater Noida-201306 (U.P.) India
Phone no.: 8882806090, 0120-4569222

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