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Sports medicine lends itself to being practiced by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with specialised skills who provide optimal care for the athlete and improve each other’s knowledge and skills.

In sports, winning performances can only be achieved through continuously optimised methods of highly controlled training. By analysing the forces that athletes generate at various points, it is possible to draw conclusions about the current performance and the effectiveness of alternative techniques, and to modify training programs accordingly.

A sporting adage is that a ‘champion team ‘would always beat a ‘team of champions’and this also applies to sports medicine.

Individuals who provide specialised skills and who utilise the skills offered by other members of the team provide the best athlete care.



Injury management and rehabilitation

  • Pain management
  • Postural education
  • Specific rehabilitation exercises
  • Strapping and taping

Injury prevention

  • Teaching correct techniques for warming up and stretching
  • Injury prevention program specifically tailored to you and your sport
  • Biomechanical screening to correct any muscle imbalances

Sports performance

  • Sport specific conditioning to meet your goal
  • Exercises to improve your efficiency of movement patterns
  • Core stability programmes
  • Video analysis of your activity and movements

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