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Right posture exudes confidence. Get the biomechanics of your musculoskeletal system in tune.

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Get relieved from the unbearable back pain with the right care of your spine.

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Quality work always pays off. The prestigious Times Award presented us with the Best Physiotherapy Centre award in 2017.

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Best Physiotherapy Centre in Delhi

Physiotherapy is a unique treatment that is used for treating individuals suffering from pain because of an injury, illness, or disability. It also helps to expand physical strength and get rid of any dysfunction instigated by an injury. The advantages of physiotherapy are many, and the best portion is that it is applicable to all age groups.

The Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., is one of the Best Physiotherapy Centre In Delhi that helps people to find a new and unique way for incorporating more physical activity into their life. Physiotherapy enables people to improve their range of motion without using extra strain on their bodies. An individual can choose many sessions for their problem.

The Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. physiotherapy clinic near me generally advises 2-3 sessions for a minor injury. However, if anyone takes manual therapy, they will need to attend 7-10 sessions every alternate day for their treatments.

Make Your Life Easy with Best Physiotherapist In Delhi

Now getting effective physiotherapy action has become very expedient and easy for all patients. APRC is a name that houses top physiotherapists equipped and accomplished in treating all musculoskeletal problems, including neck and back problems, sports injuries, migraine, and headaches, and provides post-operative rehabilitation.

Our physiotherapists have a lot of experience handling different types of conditions including mild to severe. The APRC physiotherapist near me at home helps people get relief from pain and enjoy their normal life as soon as possible. We diagnose our patients’ problems first and give them individual attention to know about their problems in detail. After that, we provide the best treatment options to treat their problems.

Top Physiotherapy Clinic in Greater Noida

Finding one of the reliable physiotherapy clinics in Greater Noida is tough for the most affected person. The Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., is here to solve your problems because we are a leading player in the pain curative realm. We have innovative treatment plans for different individuals. Our experts also educate our patients about physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques.

If you have an injury, or pain, or just feel unfit, normal tasks seem harder, please feel free to contain us. Our aim is to provide you with reasonable and effective treatment because we know that being physically and actively well makes everyone feels good.

APRC- a Top-notch Clinic for the Best physiotherapist in Greater Noida

Tired of various treatments but could not overcome health issues such as slipped disc, clubfoot, ankle bone spur, pes anserine bursitis, quadriceps muscle strain, etc? You can rely on our Best Physiotherapist In Greater Noida at the Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC). Our highly experienced professionals assess your condition through state-of-the-art equipment and recommend the most appropriate treatment to bring your life back on track.

When you visit our best physiotherapist in Greater Noida for the first time, they may ask you several questions about your health to heal you as soon as possible. Our health experts go the extra mile and are always ready to take on new challenges to assist patients. You can expect risk & painless treatments without burning a hole in your pocket. The accurate evaluation, effective treatment, and right approach standout them from the crowd. At APRC, we endeavour to provide quality treatment and fulfil our commitment.

APRC- Leverage the best Physiotherapist in Delhi to deal with your excessive pain

Looking for the Best Physiotherapist in Delhi on Google but could not achieve success? You are on the right track. At Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC), we feel proud to be one of the fastest-growing centers where the world's best Delhi physiotherapists assist patients with various health conditions. They have expertise in handling various critical issues and working on underlying the cause of pain.

Our physiotherapists at APRC only take one approach for some. They meet personally with the patients through fixed appointments. With advanced training, these professionals can diagnose, treat, and manage complex musculoskeletal conditions independently. Unlike traditional physiotherapists, APRC practitioners possess advanced clinical reasoning skills, allowing them to provide evidence-based interventions and design personalized treatment plans. They often engage in research, contribute to medical teams, and collaborate closely with physicians to optimize patient care.

Are you suffering from any of this?

Back Pain

Back Pain

Avoid spine Surgeries with our advanced Treatment...

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Vertigo, Migraine, Headache and Giddiness...

Slip Disc

Knee Pain

1000 patient to avoid knee surgeries...

Spine problem

Sports Injury

Our main aim to avoid sport injuries with our rehab...


Shoulder Pain

We have a advanced treatment for shoulder...

Joint Pain

Child Development

Advanced treatment for special children...

Child Development

Migraine & Headache

We have the advanced solutions for headache...

Shoulder Pains

Sleeping Issues

Advanced treatment for Depression & Anciety due...

No worries. We have an advanced treatment for you.


Physiotherapy @ Home

Get the best physiotherapeutic treatment at your doorstep with our safe home services

Your safety is our top priority

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    Full Body

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AdvancedTreatment for every problem

Our precise diagnosis and bespoke treatment with the latest tech cures most health ailments.

  • ChiropracticChiropractic Therapy
  • OsteopathyOsteopathy Therapy
  • DryDry Needling Therapy
  • CuppingCupping Therapy
  • IASTMIASTM Therapy
  • ManualManual Therapy

AdvancedWay to get set go

Innovative therapies to get you back in shape; fit for your next task.

  • SportsPain Rehab
  • OsteopathySportsRehab
  • DryDiet & Sports Nutrition
  • Cupping Advance Physiotherapy
  • IASTMSports Performance Enhancement
  • ManualStrength & Conditioning


LCT - 1000 New

Laser therapy USA ,10 watt Power

The advanced LCT-1000 therapy begins its healing process by flooding tissues with photons, activating the damaged cells and increasing blood circulation to the painful area.s

  • Triggers a wave of healing reactions in your body which helps in reducing inflammation rapidly.
  • May drop the painsubstantially or even wipe it out completely
  • Single visit helpsrelieve 10 to 100% of the pain depending on the patients
  • Non-invasive therapy with long-lasting benefits
  • No discomfort during the treatment



Emfield PRO Zimmer Germany

Zimmer’s emField Pro is the latest innovation in Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapies. It helps in the healing of pain naturally.

  • Immediate pain reliever
  • Increases blood flow to the pain area
  • Stimulates the regeneration power of tissues
  • Regenerating tissues strengthen muscles
  • Heals in a natural way


Shock wave therapy New

Another non-invasive procedure, Shock wave therapy minimises discomfort and facilitate healing by directing shock waves to damaged soft tissues.

  • Promotes regeneration and reparative process in tendons, bones and other soft tissues
  • Excellentmodality to reduce calcification of joints
  • Promote healing by reducing adhesions
  • Induces fast pain relief and restores mobility
  • Helps treat chronic, sub-acute and acute conditions


Cryotherpy New

Zimmer CRYO 6 Germany

The state-of-the-art cryotherapy at -30 °C is the latest innovation for treating chronic (long-term) pain. The cold air therapy aids inminimising post-injury swelling as well as muscle tone relaxation.

  • Highly effective in healing sports injuries
  • Reduces pain and gives immediate relief
  • Impactful results in rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis, etc.
  • Suppresses swelling promptly in case of acute injury
  • Targeted cooling helps in delivering precise treatment


Laser therapy New


Laser therapy is a safe and effective alternative without unnecessary surgery or potentially dangerous drugs to relieve discomfort and heal the body.

  • Accurate treatment helps to decrease pain upto 100% in first dose
  • Helps in acute and chronic pain healing.
  • Decrease swelling immediately
  • Good treatment for migraine and headache
  • Good treatment for Slip disc, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow Pain.


What patients say about us

“My shoulder is great! I played golf this week and to everyone’s surprise I got nearest to the pin! All in all a great result and many, many thanks to APRC Team

Shubhankar Sharma


(2X winner on the European Tour Arjuna Awardee)
(Rokkie of the Year 2019)


I was diagnosed with a strain of interior ACL. My knee was extremely swollen and my pain was extreme. I found, and decided to give them a try, APRC Physiotherapy. With her questions and examination of my leg, APRC expertise was points clear. Along with exercises, she used a new laser treatment therapy (new to me). I was back to being completely active again within 4 treatments.

Devika Vaid


Miss india Earth 2018


In my back, I had torn a muscle and wanted to get physiotherapy. My appointments were with Dr. Vipin Kumar, who was able to get 100% of my strength and flexibility back. Dr. Vipin kumar gave me shoulder care, plus good advice and training programs to support my recovery. Everyone in the clinic was incredibly supportive and very nice to work with during my appointments.

Tanishq Mahajan


5th palace at 2019 world roller games in Barcelona


I have been going to APRC Healthcare PVT LTD for almost a year now and I have always received outstanding Physiotherapy, especially from Dr.Vipin. Dr.Vipin kumar is incredibly supportive and always keeps my visits fun, and goes the extra mile to make things run smoothly for me without headaches.

Divyansh Joshi


India U-19 Cricketer


Superb care with a high level of professionalism form Dr. Ravindra Kumar and his Team. Knowledgeable, helpful and honest about the pros and cons of various options for treatment. I have been attending for several years with various complaints and would warmly recommend APRC HELTHCARE anyone.

Sunil sehgal