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APRC Healthcare


The Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

The Advanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) is a leading player in the pain healing realm. At APRC, we have tailor-made treatment plans to suit every individual’s need because we understand neither two individuals nor two ailments are the same. We believe in empowering you to take control of your health by imparting essential knowledge and understanding of your ailment so you become more informed about how your body works and how to keep it in the right shape and avoid injuries.

We even conduct regular knowledge sharing sessions and campaigns at our physiotherapy centres near you to educate more people about physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques.

Beginning our journey with Medicare products in 2004, we forayed into the pain healing entity with our first physiotherapy centre in Greater Noida in 2009. Headquartered in the NCR, APRC has made rapid progress over the years to become a trustworthy brand in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation arena.

In short, we’re professionals by work, personal by heart.


Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Managing Director
Dr. Uma Kumari
Dr. Saurabh Singh
Assistant HOD
Dr. Shiv
Sr. Physiotherapist (MPT Sports)
Dr Vipin
Sr. Physiotherapist


Expertise, Customise, Prioritise

With our expert team of physiotherapists, we design customised plans according to your ailment because every individual has a different problem and we do not follow one size fits all strategy to save costs.

Besides delivering precise treatment, our experts are empathetic and humble towards every patient.We strongly believe and adhere to the mantra that the best treatment with the right attitude gives the best results.


Our Responsibility

Among the best Physiotherapy Centres in Noida, APRC Healthcare understands and respects the dignity and rights of all individuals. During the course of treatment, it is our responsibility to keep patients and their families informed about the line of action.


Our Philosophy

Our thought behind starting the physiotherapy centre in Greater Noida isn’t just business; it’s a service to assist people in getting rid of ailments that hinder their overall life. Hence, we focus on improving the quality of life by making you care for yourself by sharing the methods and exercises to keep you fit always and avoid injuries.


Our ultimate objective is to lend patients extreme care and expert treatment and become the best physiotherapy centre near you.


Caring Cure

Professional treatment and personal care go hand in hand. We understand that.


Patient Personal Treatments

Giving a personal touch to the overall treatment fastens healing. We do just that.


Professional Therapists

Amateur therapists can worsen your condition. We hire only experts.

AdvancedTreatment for every problem

Our precise diagnosis and bespoke treatment with the latest tech cures most health ailments.

  • ChiropracticChiropractic Therapy
  • OsteopathyOsteopathy Therapy
  • DryDry Needling Therapy
  • CuppingCupping Therapy
  • IASTMIASTM Therapy
  • ManualManual Therapy

AdvancedWay to get set go

Innovative therapies to get you back in shape; fit for your next task.

  • SportsPain Rehab
  • OsteopathySportsRehab
  • DryDiet & Sports Nutrition
  • Cupping Advance Physiotherapy
  • IASTMSports Performance Enhancement
  • ManualStrength & Conditioning