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Osteopathy Therapy in Delhi – Effective Treatment Options to Treat Problems with Muscles, Bones, and Joints

Generally, people think that an allopathy-practicing doctor and stuffing themselves with a lot of medicines is a way to treat their ailments. But this is not 100% correct.
Osteopathy therapy in Delhi is a holistic method to analyse, treat, and prevent ailments without taking a pill. In this therapy method, an osteopath has to do is to make you move, stretch, and massage your joints and muscles to keep you fit and running.
This treatment is basically based on the principle that the overall being of an individual relies on their bones, ligaments, connective nerves, and muscles working together efficiently.
Normally, osteopaths depend on physical management, stretching, and massage directing to accomplish the following results:

Osteopaths use a complete range of methods to help their patients, but these practices do not contain any sort of medications or surgical procedures.

What Things Make Osteopathy Different from Physiotherapy?

People usually confuse osteopathy with physiotherapy, but both are two entirely dissimilar kinds of specialties. Physiotherapy can just treat the difficulties in your joints and muscles although osteopathy can treat practically all types of ailments. Through proper synchronization between your bones, ligaments, muscles, and connective nerves, an individual can get rid of multiple health problems without popping a single pill.

When Do We Use Osteopathy?

There are several reasons to see anosteopathy treatment clinic, but commonly, individuals see them when they have a problem connected to their muscles, skeletons, or joints. Here are a few such difficulties:

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Osteopathy is quickly getting popular with individuals getting more conscious of the benefits it can deliver without causing any side effects. If you are also suffering from some kind of ailment or pain in any portion of your body, you should immediately book an appointment with an experienced osteopathy doctor in Delhi like us. At APRC, we can thoroughly analyse your ailment and provide you with a treatment that would take all your well-being distresses away.

Unlike most other therapies which act on a particular section of the body, Osteopathy takes a more holistic approach and focuses on the complete wellbeing of an individual. It aids in curing pain in soft tissues and joint mobility.

Majorly, there are two types of osteopathy – Vascular and Craniosacral.

1. Vascular Osteopathy

This type of osteopathy helps in optimising the functions of vascular organs like the liver and pancreas. The line of treatment includes vascular mobilisation.

2. Craniosacral Osteopathy

The Craniosacral or Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) is a type of bodywork that assists in relieving compression in bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. It uses light touches of under 5 grams to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

Health Benefits of Osteopathy:

Among the best physiotherapy centres in Greater Noida, APRC has the best tools and hands to lend you with the precise treatment.

Health benefits of osteopathy:-


Improve Vascular function and pain


Treatment of sleep disorder






Headache and migraine


Back pain


Bladder function and urinary incontinence


Mood behavior


Mental relaxation

AdvancedTreatment for every problem

Our precise diagnosis and bespoke treatment with the latest tech cures most health ailments.

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Innovative therapies to get you back in shape; fit for your next task.

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What patients say about us

“My shoulder is great! I played golf this week and to everyone’s surprise I got nearest to the pin! All in all a great result and many, many thanks to APRC Team

Shubhankar Sharma


(2X winner on the European Tour Arjuna Awardee)
(Rokkie of the Year 2019)


I was diagnosed with a strain of interior ACL. My knee was extremely swollen and my pain was extreme. I found, and decided to give them a try, APRC Physiotherapy. With her questions and examination of my leg, APRC expertise was points clear. Along with exercises, she used a new laser treatment therapy (new to me). I was back to being completely active again within 4 treatments.

Devika Vaid


Miss india Earth 2018


In my back, I had torn a muscle and wanted to get physiotherapy. My appointments were with Dr. Vipin Kumar, who was able to get 100% of my strength and flexibility back. Dr. Vipin kumar gave me shoulder care, plus good advice and training programs to support my recovery. Everyone in the clinic was incredibly supportive and very nice to work with during my appointments.

Tanishq Mahajan


5th palace at 2019 world roller games in Barcelona


I have been going to APRC Healthcare PVT LTD for almost a year now and I have always received outstanding Physiotherapy, especially from Dr.Vipin. Dr.Vipin kumar is incredibly supportive and always keeps my visits fun, and goes the extra mile to make things run smoothly for me without headaches.

Divyansh Joshi


India U-19 Cricketer


Superb care with a high level of professionalism form Dr. Ravindra Kumar and his Team. Knowledgeable, helpful and honest about the pros and cons of various options for treatment. I have been attending for several years with various complaints and would warmly recommend APRC HELTHCARE anyone.

Sunil sehgal