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Name: Sandeep Parihar

Designation: Strength and conditioning Expert

Hospital: APRC Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Sandeep Parihar, is a well renowned name in the health & fitness industry, he is also the founder of Kination - Health & Fitness Studio (G, Noida & Defence Colony - New Delhi) .

Throughout the career span of 15 years he has been involved in fitness, sports Coaching, education and athletic training programmes.

Through his disciplined and scientific approach towards strength and conditioning he has helped mould the career of a lot of sports enthusiasts and this started with his keen interest in physical fitness at a very young age, he picked up multiple sports, weight training and also after he graduated school underwent training as a radiographer, which honked his skills in anatomy, physiology and over period got trained himself into yoga and nutrition and biomechanics of human body. As a trainer he has worked with a wide spectrum of athletes, professionals and sports fitness enthusiasts. His specialty includes functional training, body weight training, isometric and high intensity training , yoga and meditation, and he blends this with good nutrigenomics and the right kind of diet intake as per your individual needs that is taken care of by his team.

As a fitness trainer he is committed to take sportspersons to the next level in their fitness by over all mind plus body conditioning and reducing the risk of sports related injuries. This scientific approach helps in an overall improved outcomes in a person's long sought fitness endeavours. His fitness myntra “ Anyone can work hard but if you endeavour to be the best then you have to work smart too & follow protocols that beats the rest”.

Professional Certifications:

TPI certified instructor (Titleist Performance Institute San Diego

California, USA)

Certified Personal instructor (GFFI ,New Delhi,India)

Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Nad


Diploma in Nutrition & He