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2021-11-19 10:24:50

Flat feet can cause knee pain

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Flat feet ( Pes planus) can cause change in pressure points in feet.
Our foot have 3 major pressure points
1. Heel 70%
2. Big toe 20% 
3. Small toe 10%

Centre of heel is bearing 70% of weight in case of normal foot position but flat feet causes inverted calcaneum and load over inner side of calcaneum.
Due to inverted calcaneum conditions some may experienced heel pain, plantar fasciitis or calcaneum spurs. After few years hallux Valgus deformity (Bunion toe ) can be seen mild or advanced position. 

This poor position of heel increases weight bearing on medial side of leg & knee. 
Increase pressure over medial or inner side of knee causes degeneration around knee joints . 

That will took few years to damage this partial or complete degeneration of joint cartilage which causes pain during weight bearing activities of knee joint.

How to avoid knee pain?

Generally this is diagnosed in early ages & can be treated in with customized insoles & some preventive exercises.

Sometimes due to flexible foot conditions that will diagnosed when patients experienced heel pain. We can avoid this by
1. Using customized insoles with high arches to avoid flat feet
2. Corrective exercises although that works in early ages 

Later stages that may require off loading knee braces to decrease pressure on medial or inner side of knee joint. This will in regenerate and maintaining of cartilage. 

Change in pressure from foot decrease almost 40-50% of pain in couple of weeks . This is the best preventive & corrective method for Knee Pain Treatment.