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2021-10-28 08:34:11

Neck stiffness may cause Anxiety, mood swings & depression

Posted By Admin

Most of the time I found lot of scary symptoms due to neck. Symptoms are like this

1. Anxiety 
2. Mood swings
3. Headache 
4. Giddiness 
5. Nausea & coming 
6. Sound irritation 
7. Eye ache or heaviness  over eyes
8. Sound irritation 
9. Tinnitus 
10. Poor balance while walking 
11. Suffocation 
12. Sweat flushes 
13. Disturbed sleep 
14. Low energy levels 
15. Depression 
16. Radiating pain in arm or hand 

These all or few symptoms may be with stiff neck . These symptoms are due to MTrPs around neck muscles like SCM, Sclaneous , Teres minor, Trapezius   & rhomboids.

How this develop-

Muscle tightness in neck due to weakness in neck extensors. Main reason for this is our screen time on mobile & laptop especially. 

This is not happen in all of sudden but take weeks to months in a poor posture.
Mechanical neck pain or anterior head position is reason for this . 

Best line of treatment- Do step by step results are very good and immediate 

1. Alignment of invoked vertebrae 
2. Increase flexibility of tight muscles by manual therapy & stretching.
3. Muscles & Fascia release 
4. Strengthening of weak muscles 
5. Advanced Physiotherapy treatment 
6. Neck Rehabilitation 

More then 95% patients recovered immediately or within 2 weeks . Nearby 5% patients required Regenerative medicines treatment that includes Super concentrated platelets & RF. 

Less then 1% cases may need surgical intervention. Generally we seen very good and stable recovery in neck with conservative methods.