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2021-10-28 08:36:16

Can we avoid surgery in low back pain Slip disc L4 L5 L5 S1 Sciatica

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Most of the back pain approx 90 % are non specific or mechanical back pain in nature , cause of non specific back pain are muscular imbalance.  90% of Low back pain cured with Physiotherapy. Regeneration medicines have very good role to avoid surgery with Super concentrated platelets (SCP) with RF procedure. Less then 4% back pain required surgery when they have red flags.

Root cause behind mechanical back pain 

1. Tight hip flexors  & back extensors 

2. Weak Abdominal & Gluteal muscles 

 That leads to increase lordosis hence decrease in Abdominal & Gluteals.  Prolonged lordosis causes unrest of Lumbar spine which activates trigger points in surrounding muscles. 

Now this muscles spasm increases pressure on disc & nerves that again leads to unrest back muscles, this vicious cycle affecting back continuously & lead to increase lordosis further more .


1. Pain even while resting 

2. Back pain radiating towards leg 

3. Pain while coughing & sneezing 

4. Pain while standing & walking 

5. Long time sitting increases pain

6. Numbness in leg or foot

 Line of treatment- As stated by name mechanical or no. Specific back pain need mechanical correction of surrounding muscles not surgery.

 Our treatment goes in 2 steps 

Step 1. Flexibility- increase flexibility of tight muscles with proper stretching techniques 

Step 2. Strength- Increase strength of weak muscles 

With help of these 2 steps our back is reaching to normal lordosis & decreases pressure on disc & nerves . During this period we need to release Muscle trigger points & alignment of fascia and joints with manipulation techniques.

Red flags in low back pain 

1. Severe numbness in leg or foot 

2. Loss of control in Bladder or bowel

3. Decrease remarkable strengthen foot or leg. In early diagnosis Red flags managed with Regenerative medicines & Rehab but neglected cases are required surgery.