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2023-10-17 17:37:22

Best physiotherapy experts for advanced treatments in Greater Noida

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Physiotherapists manage a wide range of conditions associated with muscles, bones, cardiovascular system, nerves and other parts of the body through physical therapies. A plethora of techniques are used by physiotherapists to reduce pain and stiffness, improve movements and accelerate the healing process of various body parts. A physiotherapist helps in managing back and joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries, rehabilitation from fractures, post stroke or surgery, chronic diseases affecting bones and other parts, sprains and more.

APRC Healthcare is the top choice for anyone seeking the best physiotherapy specialist in greater noida, not the least because a host of advanced physiotherapy treatments are provided by the physiotherapists at this centre.

Osteopathy is a technique which is used to treat all kinds of health problems by stretching, moving and massaging a person’s muscles and joints. The osteopaths at APRC Greater Noida are well versed in physical manipulation, stretching and massage to relieve muscle tension, improving the blood supply to the tissues, reducing pain, improving the mobility of the joints and accelerating the healing process of the body.

The experts at APRC can opt for osteopathy therapy to treat a number of conditions such as arthritis, muscle or joint pain, sports injuries, neck pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow or other conditions afflicting the elbow and others.

IASTM Therapy 
APRC offers Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation or IASTM therapy to help in pain relief. This is a physical therapy which uses specialised instruments instead of hands to mobilise deeper tissues not accessible by hands. The tissues include ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscles.
IASTM therapy helps in accessing the trigger or pain points such as muscle groups or injured tissues more easily. This therapy is highly useful to provide pain relief in a number of conditions including myofacial pain, back pain and knee pain. It also helps in reducing muscle stiffness and improving mobility.

Cupping Therapy 
APRC also specialises in cupping therapy. Cupping therapy entails placement of cups made of plastic, glass or silicone on the skin to create suction. Suction increases blood flow to the area where the cups are placed which, in turn, reduces muscle tension, promotes cell repair and generates new blood vessels and tissues.