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2023-10-25 14:06:48

Highly rated physiotherapist for comprehensive services in Delhi

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Physiotherapists improve a person's range of movements, reduces pain, prevent disability and improve the quality of life. The need for a qualified physiotherapist arises due to pain or impairment of movements and functions of various body parts caused by traumatic injury, surgery, neuromuscular or orthopaedic disorders and other conditions. A physiotherapist is trained to implement therapies and other non-invasive treatment plans to restore functional abilities and movements in the patients.

Physiotherapy specialists are aplenty in Delhi. The key is to find the best physiotherapy specialist in delhi offering a wide range of services in multiple disciplines of physiotherapy. APRC Healthcare offers physiotherapy services to treat a gamut of conditions.

Sports injuries management 
Sportspersons are susceptible to injuries especially to the musculoskeletal system during the course of their sporting activities or training. There are many types of sports injuries such as ACL tear, sprains, strains, tennis elbow, shin splints, concussions and more. The expert physiotherapists at APRC utilise a number of therapeutic interventions to reduce pain and recover quickly from the injuries.

The first stage of sports rehab is reducing pain, stiffness and swelling through massage therapy and other techniques. Thereafter, the joint mobility and the ability to make a range of movements are worked upon and improved. A plethora of endurance exercises are used to enhance muscular strength. The physiotherapist devises a coordination regimen to help the patient achieve normal coordination. 

Sports rehab not only reduces pain and stiffness but also helps in complete recovery and enhances the performance of the athlete. 

Neurophysiotherapy services 
The physiotherapists at APRC utilise modern techniques and therapies to treat mobility and other physical issues caused by neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, traumatic head injury and others. The trained neurological physiotherapists train the patients in a number of exercises to perform in the clinic and at home to restore and maintain motor function and muscle tone.
The therapies are tailored as per the extent of the neurological damage and the exact requirements of the patients.

Strength and Conditioning 
APRC offers strength and conditioning training to improve muscle strength, prevent injuries, achieve a high level of mobility and flexibility and enhance neuromuscular coordination. A customised training program is devised as per the individual characteristics of the person such as physique, posture and more.