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2023-10-30 16:33:33

Top Rated Physiotherapy Centre in Delhi

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Physiotherapy is a method of treatment to restore, maintain or maximise mobility, physical functions and overall well-being of the body following an injury or chronic medical condition or surgery. There are many reasons for getting physiotherapy treatment such as management of acute or chronic medical condition, rehabilitation following injury or a disease, disability prevention and more.

If you are looking for the best physiotherapy centre in delhi, you need to consider the treatment modalities being provided at the centre. APRC Delhi has the required physiotherapy experts and equipment to carry out a plethora of treatments designed for various debilitating conditions.

Chiropractic treatment 
Chiropractic treatment is used to provide pain relief in several conditions such as vertebral misalignment, back pain, sciatica, slip disc, migraine, headache, neck pain, hip pain, vertigo, elbow pain, ankle sprain and more. The physiotherapists at APRC are capable of manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine and joint to relieve pressure from the neurological tissues, thereby providing pain relief. 

The experts at APRC correct misaligned joints caused by stress, long hours of work or incorrect posture. Advanced chiropractic methods such as high velocity thrust technique and small manipulation mobilisation are employed to reset the joints. Chiropractic treatment sessions can be weekly or fortnightly based on the severity of the pain and the specific cause.

Dry Needling therapy 
Dry Needling therapy is a minimally invasive advanced physiotherapy treatment method carried out by the physiotherapists at APRC. It is a highly effective treatment modality for treating muscular pain and movement ailments. Several conditions such as shoulder pain, myofascial pain, headache, neck pain, muscle strain, muscle sprain, calf tightness, migraine and more are treated by dry needling therapy.

During the therapy, the physiotherapist inserts one or more monofilament needles into the muscle trigger points. Trigger point is a band of tight dysfunctional tissue which disrupts muscle function and causes pain and tenderness. The pointed needles inserted into the trigger points reduce muscle tightness, increase blood flow, and relieve pain. The needles are not inserted very deep and do not remain for a long period of time.

The physiotherapists at APRC pair dry needling therapy with exercises and other physical therapies to prevent recurrence of trigger points.