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2023-11-05 14:23:24

Best Centre for Physiotherapy Treatment for Pain Management in Greater Noida

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Physiotherapy is a set of medically proven physical procedures employed to restore mobility, movement and functions of body parts affected adversely by diseases, injuries, and disorders. There are many advantages of physiotherapy such as acute and chronic pain management, treatment of sports injuries, injury prevention, improving posture, post surgery rehabilitation and more.

Pain is a physical suffering caused by an injury or illness which limits the functionality of the affected individual. Acute pain is of short duration and usually caused by injuries such as bone fractures or illnesses or disorders or post surgery. Chronic pain is a long-term condition which lasts for over 6 months and is usually caused by a debilitating illness or untreated injury. 

Pain management is a specialised field of physiotherapy and APRC Healthcare is the best physiotherapy centre in Greater Noida for therapeutic treatment of both acute and chronic pain.

Pain Rehabilitation services 
APRC specialises in pain rehabilitation to enable patients suffering from acute or chronic pain to improve the quality of their lives and lead an active lifestyle. The physiotherapists at this centre employ physical, occupational, and behavioural therapies to eliminate the root causes of pain and prevent recurrence.

The physiotherapist also looks for the areas of weakness and stiffness which are adding to the stress and increasing pain to target those areas with exercise and other therapies to ease the pain and improve functions.

Techniques used for pain management
The physiotherapists at APRC devise exercise programs for their patients to perform at the clinic and home. Pain relief exercises are designed to target the painful areas and gradually ease the pain. Muscle strengthening exercises are used to impart more strength to the core muscles and other muscles of the body. Gentle stretching exercises and low impact aerobic training are also a part of the physical therapy to warm up the body.

Chiropractic treatment is also provided realign the joint and provide swift pain relief. APRC has the required equipment to carry out several therapeutic processes for pain management. These techniques include shock wave, laser therapy, cryotherapy, and pulse electromagnetic field therapy.

Benefits of pain rehab 
Pain rehab services at APRC helps in recovering from all kinds of painful conditions including myofascial pain. The therapies also restore and improve muscle strength and joint mobility. Chances of pain recurrence are also minimised.