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2021-10-28 08:33:00

Long sitting hours can cause back pain ?

Posted By Admin

Long sitting hours are the main cause of mechanical low back pain, actual this posture causes stiffness or shortening of our hip flexors which increases lumbar lordosis later.

Lumbar lordosis will gives stiffness and restlessness condition to Lumbar spine. Now low back in a continuous tight position in while sleeping.

These long contractions of muscle fibers caused to increased lordosis and stiffness will activate trigger points around back muscles .

 Main muscles with active trigger points due to sitting 
1. Piriformis
2. Quadratus Lumborum
3. Psaos 
4. Gluteal &
5. Transverse Abdominis 

Symptoms are vary & depending upon tightness 
1. Pain while sitting 
2. Change in position 
3. Standing & walking increases pain
4. Pain around Sacroiliac joints 
5. Back pain radiating towards leg
6. Pain whole coughing & sneezing.

How to fix 
1. Self stretching of hip flexors 
2. Strengthening of back muscles 
3. Normalizing Lumbar lordosis 
4. Take a walk every 45 minutes in between sitting hours

If pain persists then 
LASER Therapy 
2 . Chiropractic manipulation 
Will help to settle down completely 

This must be followed by a customized Spine rehabilitation. That will end up in a permanent solution.