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2021-10-28 08:35:23

General population suffering with wrost shoulder injuries then a sports persons?

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Yes! Initially was unbelievable for us even population with sedentary life style have more  damaged shoulder then sports persons.

  Reason behind shoulder injuries 

1. Rounded Shoulders 
   - Posture 
   - Anatomical defect 
2. Muscular imbalance 
3. Anterior head syndrome 
4. Poor diet management 

1. Rounded shoulders might be our acquired deformity due to poor sitting habits or Type 2 sloppy acromion that leads to decrease joints space or leverage in shoulder joint that leads to serve tendon and joint capsule injuries.
2. Decrease strength in antigravity muscles due to lack of routine exercises may cause severe injuries to weekend players. Actually they start playing activities without proper warm-up & ended up with severe soft tissue injuries.

3. Anterior Head syndrome- this affect more on neck that causes weakness in shoulder muscles due to compression of nerve roots to hand. In chronic cases injuries and recovery both are poor.

4. Poor diet management- always have major role in injuries due to decrease muscles strength surrounding shoulder. 

Types of injuries 

1. Tendinitis 
2. Adhesive  capsulitis 
3. Bursitis 
4. Partial or complete tendon tear 
5. SLAP Lesions 


1. Nocturnal pain means pain during night 
2. Pain while lifting hand up
3. Pain while taking hand down
4. Decrease or painful end range of motion 
5. Severe pain while hitting hand even softly 
6. Pain while clothing especially females affected more with this

Line of treatment-
1. Physio rehab - first 3 weeks must be done & that gives good results 80% are recovered completely in 3 weeks rehab 

2. In case of poor or no recovery after MRI findings may have partial or complete injuries that require Regenerative medicines treatment with Super concentrated platelets SCP or PRP , 98% patients are recovered generally with rehab & regenerative medicines treatment. 
    Rest 2% may need Arthroscopic surgeries. 

Prevention is better then cure- 

3 days in a week antigravity muscles strengthening exercises may take your 5-10 minutes to avoid these injuries lifetime even in case of anatomical faults.